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East Bay Stump Removal

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East-West Bay Stump Removal FAQ East-West Bay Stump Removal FAQEast-West Bay Stump Removal FAQEast-West Bay Stump Removal FAQEast-West Bay Stump Removal FAQ

Q: How deep do you grind a stump?
A: The range is 10”-24” below grade. It depends on the access. The machine at top will grind a stump to about 12” deep and requires a 30” gate for access. * The unit 2nd down will grind 16” below ground and will pass thru a 36”gate. The largest machine (3rd down) will cut 24” deep. It must remain connected to a truck, and therefore is limited to areas that can be driven to.

Q: Can I replant in the same area? 
A: Yes. What you can replant depends on how deep we can grind the stump. We can advise you best after having seen the job.

Q: What happens to the wood chips?
A: When stumps are removed, they are ground into a mulch material. How much is produced depends on the size of the stump. It can range from just enough to backfill the hole to significant excess debris. It can be used wherever you need mulch. If you prefer, we can move it to other areas of your property. If disposal is necessary, small quantities can be disposed of in “green waste” recycling bins. We can also include a disposal cost in your quote or refer local hauling services for larger amounts.

Q: How much room do you need?
A: The largest equipment requires that a pickup truck and trailer be driven right up to the stump. The smallest will pass thru a 30” gate. *

Q: What happens to nearby plants/landscaping?
A: Plants and fixtures may need to be moved to preserve them. This is best determined by seeing the work site. We can dig up plant material to gain access and replace it when done.

Q: Can the stump grow back?
A: Some trees will continue to grow after they’ve been cut down. Most trees will stop growing once the stump has been ground below the ground. In some cases, grinding surface roots will further inhibit this tendency. There are a few species that may require the application of round up or other herbicide.

Q: What about underground installations?
A: Sprinkler and other underground systems can be damaged by stump grinders. In some cases a stump can’t be removed without damaging a nearby system. In most cases we can offer a repair service. Major utilities are marked in advance of doing any work, and steps are taken to preclude the possibility of damage to these systems.

Q: Are you licensed and insured?
A: Yes. Our license # is 521149. Proof of insurance can be provided upon request.

Q: Why shouldn’t I rent a machine and do it myself?
A: On a very small job you might actually save a few dollars with this strategy. After that, odds are that inexperience will cost you one way or another. Secondly, it might be worth considering just how you want to spend your weekends. 

* The smallest unit referenced is no longer available.