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A Word About Bids

East-West Bay Stump Removal BidsIs the cheapest always best? It’s easy to think so.  You have to wonder, can there be a “high end” in stump grinding? When comparing bids, we recommend you consider the following:

  1. Is the bidder licensed and insured? Someone without these qualifications can bid lower, but you are left with little recourse in the event of an incident on your property. Our license number is 521149.The status of any contractor’s license can be checked at : Proof of insurance is available upon request.

  2. If there are visible surface roots, will they be removed? A thorough job takes longer and will cost more. This site had a large pine stump that had been superficially ground. When landscaping proceeded, the site was excavated and this is what remained. It isn’t always necessary to remove buried roots. The point is that your requirements need to be clearly communicated so that the end result meets your needs. 

  3. How deep will the stump be ground? A superficial job takes less time to do, and therefore costs less. If you took a picture of a stump ground 2” deep and cleaned up and compared it to one ground 12” or 24” deep and cleaned up, you wouldn’t notice any difference. You will notice the difference when you try to plant or otherwise re-landscape the area. Stumps need to be adequately removed to allow planting, paving or other landscape installations. Make sure your contractor understands what YOU need.

  4. East-West Bay Stump Removal Bids
  5. Will the contractor be responsible for major utilities? We will. If the work is located in the front yard, flags or paint marks should be visible before the job starts.

  6. Will the contractor provide a detailed written estimate? We will.
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  7. Will the contractor stand behind their work? We will. If the terms of our agreement haven’t been met, we’ll come back and make it right, no questions asked.